June 2020 Upcoming Events and Announcements: 

In response to the actions being taken by the state and county, we are still temporarily unable to operate due to the COVID-19 virus. Be sure to do everything in your control to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. The main contributors to having a strong immune system are diet, sleep and EXERCISE. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is up to you, but as for exercise we have you covered! Though we cannot hold classes in the gym, we are going to continue post home practices for you and the children to follow along with on our YouTube channel ( New videos on Mondays!

There will be something to gain in each video for any age, skill level, student or non-student! There will be a home practice for TaeKwonDo, Boxing, Gym Ninja and Muay Thai students.

In an attempt to provide another social outlet for the students to communicate with us and with the other students during quarantine, we are bringing back our live video game streams on Twitch! Live game streams will be Wednesday and Friday 12pm-1pm on our Twitch channel. (Twitch.TV/MissionMartialArts)

Current Students and Families:

  • Subscribe to our Mission Martial Arts YouTube channel and follow for home practices/workouts!

  • For all students that are enrolled, you will also receive a month of upgraded memberships as soon as we are allowed to operate again. 

Lastly, we truly do appreciate and miss all of our students, families and friends! Thank you to everyone for your amazing support during all of this. If you have any questions/suggestions please contact us.

Please remember that tough times won’t last, but tough people will! Together we will be tough, and we will get through this tough time!!!

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