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Our Story

about us

Mission Martial Arts is owned and operated by childhood friends and long time martial artists, Colin Cook and Dustin Groff.  In 2014, Master Colin saw an opportunity to construct a martial arts program that promotes traditional Taekwondo with modern and practical approaches to self-defense. As his program quickly grew, Coach Dustin joined the team, offering additional opportunities to practice a variety of martial art styles. At Mission Martial Arts, we strive to not only build excellent martial artists, but individuals who are well-rounded both mentally and physically. We strive to make each person that walks through our door feel welcome and work with individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you or child want to learn self-defense, get in shape, compete or just learn a new skill set, we promise Mission Martial Arts will be the place for you!

MEET THE owners

Master Colin COok

Master Colin is a 6th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and is certified by World Taekwondo and the Han Moo Do Federation. He started training at the young age of 4 and has continued for the past 31 years! Master Colin is a US Navy veteran and has also practiced several other martial arts throughout his life. Colin is fully dedicated to his pursuit in spreading martial arts to anyone with the desire to learn.

Coach Dustin Groff

Coach Dustin has over 14 years experience training and competing in various martial arts with a majority focus on Boxing and Muay Thai. He is certified by USA Boxing and the World Thai Boxing Association. At Mission Martial Arts, he vows to continue to learn and spread his knowledge of the arts while introducing new programs and ideas for you and embracing a great family atmosphere!

the benefits of martial arts


Through warm-ups, punches, kicks and drills, children gain improved body awareness and coordination.


Martial arts is an excellent avenue for high-energy children and has proven to improve focus and behavior at home and in school.


If your child is timid or shy, martial arts is a great avenue to bring them out of their shell and boost their confidence.

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