MMA Picnic 2022

We love coming together with our students and families. Check out a few photos from our annual school picnic. 

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Customer Reviews

Mission Martial Arts

Customer Reviews

Garth M.

"Master Colin and Coach Dustin are the best teachers around. If you are looking for a spot that knows how to train kids and is good with kids, then look no further."

Stephanie J.

"I can’t say enough great things about Mission Martial Arts! Master Colin and Coach Dustin are top notch instructors. They focus on respect, skill, and technique all while making it fun. Both Master Colin and Coach Dustin are highly trained professionals that have truly found their calling. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could!"

Allison B.

"When we moved to Annapolis, we brought our daughter to a trial Taekwondo class at MMA so she could continue the lessons she started in our old town. We were all immediately impressed by the way Colin and Dustin run their gym - it's like a second home to us now. Our daughter takes Taekwondo and Gym Ninjas here, and my husband and I have been learning Muay Thai. The guys are super friendly and build a real relationship with their students, and they also make you work hard! This is definitely not one of those TKD belt factories. If you're looking for a place where your children can learn self-discipline, respect, and how to take care of themselves in a fight, this is the place for you. And maybe you can pick up some fighting / self-defense skills yourself! I highly recommend it."

Randall Z.

"The classes are great, the instructors are great and the pricing is family friendly."

Adam T.

"Our kids have been going here for over 5 years. Master Colin and Coach Dustin are true professionals. They inspire hard work and discipline while allowing the kids to have fun and be themselves. And the adult classes are awesome, too!"

Steven F.

"The instructors are patient with the kids, emphasize structure, and most importantly the 'little ninjas' all had a great time."

Jamie C.

"Master Colin is great with my energetic 6 year old and the rest of the class. Discipline, attention and doing your best are strong values being taught weekly in his little ninjas class. Plus their COVID-19 response and communication/policy ever since has been stellar."

Tecoya G.

"All of the teachers are great. The facility is very clean. My sons started taking different classes and instantly I noticed their confidence and discipline got better and better. My oldest son says yes sir every time I ask him anything now. He is taking Taekwondo. And my younger son, who is very shy, is extremely confident after doing the little ninjas class. I appreciate the work the guys here do."

Chris D.

"Master Colin and Coach Dustin are amazing with the kids! They keep them in line but also have a great understanding of the kids developmental stages and ability. My son loves little ninjas and is gaining confidence and courage through the class."

Valerie S.

"I initially signed up for a month long women’s boot camp and haven’t stopped since! Not only have I seen results from the workouts but I am also learning self-defense techniques which are extremely useful in my line of work as a real estate agent. Both Colin and Dustin are extremely knowledgeable and I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend Mission Martial Arts!"
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