Mask Policy Moving Forward at Mission Martial Arts

child wearing face mask

Hello Mission Families!

We wanted to share our new face mask policy at the gym. Last week the state and county lifted mask restrictions. At the gym we are going to allow everyone to make their own decisions regarding masks in the gym and during classes.

If your child is sent to class wearing a mask, we will expect that child is meant to wear their mask at all times in the gym and during class. Same goes for children sent to the gym/class without a mask, we will expect that it was your decision that they do not have to wear one. We are confident you will make the correct decisions based off the public health information we have available and your own individual situations. We will respect all of our families’ decisions and be sure to enforce that decision for your child with no judgement! We also ask our families to be respectful of each other’s decisions, free of any judgement. Together we can use this time to teach our students, families and friends that our community – the Mission family – can work together to achieve our goals, regardless of anyone’s differences in personal decisions or choices!

Lastly, Mission Martial Arts was created with the ‘Mission’ being to achieve excellence in life through martial arts. Our goal was to help individuals become strong, confident and well-rounded human beings – both physically and mentally – both in the gym and outside the gym! Our mission and goal has never changed. We will continually strive towards accomplishing what we have envisioned from the beginning. Thank you all for your continuous support and we look forward to seeing you at the gym!

Thank You,

Master Colin & Coach Dustin