As you are likely aware, Governor Hogan mandated the closure of all gyms as of 5pm on Monday, March 16, 2020. We know many of you are wondering what this temporary shutdown means for you. Here are some questions that have surfaced since the shutdown. We will continue to update and answer any questions you may have.

Check out our youtube channel for at-home workouts  you and your kids can enjoy during the closure. All of our videos require no equipment and can be done anywhere. We are also hosting live-streaming of classes so check in on Facebook to see our daily schedule.

We know many of you are likely wondering what this temporary shutdown means for your membership.  We totally understand.  None of us planned for this.

We are asking you to consider the fact that we are a small business.  Your membership dues are what pays the rent, utilities, and required business licenses.  Sadly, these costs won’t disappear during this crisis.

Mission Martial Arts was founded on the premise of creating a like-minded and family-oriented community of martial artists that lift each other up. We want to make sure you are getting something in return for the dues you are paying and stay connected with you during this difficult time . Our members now have access to our free youtube video workouts that give you multiple exercises and techniques to work on in the comfort of your own home. We will continue to post a variety of at-home workout plans for as long as needed that require no equipment.  We are also hoping to implement live-streaming of classes. Once re-opened, any and all missed classes can be done with a make-up class with NO expiration. 

As we hope to gain a better understanding of what this government mandated closure means, we are asking our members to please refrain from requests to freeze or cancel memberships.  We are a small business that care about our MMA family and promise to do everything we can to fairly navigate this situation. Only with your support can we successfully weather this storm and continue our mission of becoming stronger, dedicated, and healthier martial artists!